How Staying in a Furnished Apartment Can Save You Money

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If you are the type to get bored with the same smartphones for a few years, you can save money by living in a furnished apartment. When you move into a fully-furnished apartment, you don’t have to buy any new furniture. That means you can spend more money on other things such as a new phone!

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We are indeed a luckier generation in so many ways and this is all because of the fact that many people are now venturing to different types of business these days. Today, we now have more options in almost everything including accommodations. Thus, even if the budget is not that relaxed, we can still afford a vacation and even with the entire family. Places such as verve suites kuala lumpur and marc residence kuala lumpur will be a good option for family vacations.

That is right indeed if before we will be forced to say inexpensive hotels because we have no other option, that is not the case today. There are now holiday apartments that are really a lot more affordable. In fact, this type of accommodation is already available in almost all places all over the world including in Malaysia. So, if you are planning to visit this country for your next vacation, you need not wait until you have saved a big amount of money since there are already more affordable options for almost all commodities. Yes, and in fact, you can check out the marc residence klcc property for rent for they have the best-serviced apartments to offer.

Staying in a holiday or serviced apartment is quite beneficial.

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Less outside spending

* The most important benefit is the fact that you will really save a good amount of money not only for the accommodation itself but also in a lot of ways like you need not eat outside every time as holiday apartments are self-contained. In fact, their kitchen is really equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is ready at your disposal. Not only that, but you can also wash your own clothes if you want to as again, they also have a laundry area. Indeed, there are a lot of ways that you can save money here and you can use that money in other ways like buying gifts for your family back home and so on.

Space of your own

* If you are travelling with your entire family, then no worries as there are plenty of space. The Marc Residence has plenty of space for all your family members. You can choose a unit with four, down to one bedroom. But some of your companions can also sleep in the living room if the rooms are not enough as you are renting the entire unit. No one can reprimand you whether you sleep in the kitchen or wherever part of the unit.


* You will also have more privacy when you will choose to book a holiday apartment since you have separate rooms from your kids. As this is the time when you need to relax, it will be so good to know that your kids are in the same unit but in different rooms so as not to intrude in your privacy. Aside from that, no one will knock on the door just to have the trash taken unless you will be requesting for it, the way it works in hotels and similar accommodations.


* You will actually have a more comfortable vacation as you and your family are the only people who will be staying in one unit. Unlike when you will stay in hotels when because you are only renting a room, you will go out most of the time and you can really feel or hear the other visitors making you aware all the time that you are just visitors there.

Bring along your pets

* You can even tag your beloved pets along with your vacation if no one will be left to take care of it. Of course, that will be impossible if you will stay in a hotel as there are some hotels if not all that will not allow pets. However, when it comes to serviced apartments like the ones in Marc Residence KLCC, there is still a chance they will allow pets. But of course, you should ask permission first as there are also times when pets are not allowed. Maybe they just have units for where they are possible.

Indeed, staying in a serviced or holiday apartment is a lot better than hotels. well, there are also times when hotels are better. But if you are looking for something that is within your budget, a serviced apartment is your best shot. The reason is you have the option to cook and to do your laundry which is not the case with hotels. If you have a further dilemma, you can read about what to look for when buying a property.

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